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FIVER-FEST Offer No 2 for Totally Locally Chapel-en-le-Frith

FIVER-FEST Offer No 2 for Totally Locally Chapel-en-le-Frith

We have had loads of Chapelonians come and take advantage of our 8Gb USB Memory Stick offer, so lets see if this one tickles your fancy! Its a USB (MicroUSB V2 specifically) Dock and stand that will accept any phone that has a MicroUSB socket (with the “flat” side to the rear) that’s HTC, Samsung, […]

Netgear WiFi Range Extender

Netgear WiFi Range Extender

    We Really Like this WiFi Range extender from Netgear, its as near to “Plug and Play” as anything seems to be in reality and its really great for getting the signal to that far off corner of the house that you use as your office> It simply plugs into an electric power point […]

Media Centre Computer

Over a year ago, my family were thinking about buying a hard drive recorder for the sitting room to record the TV that we would not be able to see otherwise. We were still just getting four channels from an analogue signal at the time. We went into some shops and tried to find out […]

The TP-Link TL-SC3130G ‘Surveillahce’ Camera

No the title is not a typo, the box really does say “Surveillahce Camera” Off to a bad start then, this camera offering from TP-Link promises many features: High quality images and video, ‘surveillahce’ software, camera monitoring from smart phones, wireless connection, 2-way audio, dual video streams for long-term recording and local monitoring, 16-camera management, […]

Worst Product 2009 – Our Nomination

Replacement Battery Chargers have become an increasingly important product range for us over the last few years, manufacturers exercise great ingenuity in their constant ability to make the charger for their product different, either by voltage/Ampage  AC/DC or plug/Socket from that for any other product Laptop Computers have been amongst the top tier of these […]

Funkwerk Does Not Work

Recently we had a customer who needed to move office and downsize. The requirement was to provide email and telephone services for three users at a location adjacent to the proprietors home, previously they had occupied an industrial unit with tens of users. The costs of removing or replacing their telephone system alone would run […]

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Record straight from electronic keyboard or guitar to your hard disk Format and copy music to MiniDisc Edit digital videos, adding captions and effects. Using a CDRW (Recordable CD Drive) you can create your own music or Video CDs Overall Verdict: Audigy turns your PC into an entertainment Centre, quality of […]

Should you buy a CD-ROM or DVD drive?

What do you Buy: A DVD Drive or a CD Drive? The DVD drive is slowly replacing the CD drive on the PC market. The challenge is to decide whether to invest in a DVD drive, or stick to the humble CD drive. Listening to Music A CD drive is fine for listening to music. […]