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Christmas 2017 - Not Much Holiday Here!

Christmas 2017 – Not Much Holiday Here!

We are closing on the Public Holidays, BUT we ARE contactable in emergency! Wishing all our customers a wonderful and peaceful holiday, and all the best for 2018

Email problem for  users  23rd Sept 2015

Email problem for users 23rd Sept 2015

We have a problem on the registration of domain that means that the domain and associated email services are currently down We are not able to resolve this until our registrars get into work and as they are on Eastern Time this will be around two o'clock (BST)  today so we hope to be […]

You know we repair PCs, Laptops, Tablets & Phones ...don't you?

You know we repair PCs, Laptops, Tablets & Phones …don’t you?

                              Well now we've a new string to our bow: We can replace your toothbrush battery – no need to scrap it – bring it along and our "dental mechanic" can take out your dead battery and supply and fit a […]

ComputerBits surrenders to Technology!

ComputerBits surrenders to Technology!

They said it would never happen,  but: Computerbits is now accepting payments by card! We have long refused to accept payment via a “Card Machine” on the principle that these machines cost us money! There is a fee for “hiring” the card machine, we were originally quoted £39 per month (by, the now long gone […]

We Now Repair Tablets, Smart Phones,  etc.

We Now Repair Tablets, Smart Phones, etc.

  We now fix smartphones and tablets. Call 0330 159 3832 or visit in store and are friendly staff will give you a quote. We can, and do, repair basic handsets, Tablets, (PC’s & Laptops – obviously), as well as smartphones within the Computerbits store. This is done not only at “bargain basement prices” (we […]

The importance of .com and .net

The importance of .com and .net

We’ve always known the importance of having a recognisable and memorable domain name. Recently new gTLDs have been released such as .bike, .clothing and .home ; having a unique name loses its meaning. People have always been used to be typing .com .uk .net and to reach websites and as new TLDs appear some […]

Christmas Hours

Christmas Hours

We’ll be open at these hours over the Christmas and New Year period:

Sold Out - WAIT - More Coming !

Sold Out – WAIT – More Coming !

  Our Totally Locally FIVER-FEST Offer of 8Gb USB Pensticks has SOLD OUT !. Sales have “Totally” exceeded our expectations ! But wait! – we have a limited amount of additional stock due in (hopefully) tomorrow – Saturday!, some are already spoken for however we are offering to guarantee that all customers who order (& […]

Cassette to CD copying

Cassette to Audio CD copying

  As part of his role with Chapel Players Terry has aquired a gizmo that will attach to a tape deck and allow music (or I guess any sound / speech) Cassettes to be copied onto Hard disk, so having done the stuff he wanted to, we decided to offer this facility out to our […]

Broadband Upgrades Mon 23rd November 2009

A number of our users are due to be upgraded on Monday 23rd November. We do not have control over exactly when this will happen as the actual switching is done by BT. In many cases we will handle any changes to settings from our end, however for some users it may be necessary […]