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Email problem for cbits.net  users  23rd Sept 2015

Email problem for cbits.net users 23rd Sept 2015

We have a problem on the registration of cbits.net domain that means that the domain and associated email services are currently down We are not able to resolve this until our registrars get into work and as they are on Eastern Time this will be around two o'clock (BST)  today so we hope to be […]

DO NOT use links or attachments on emails such as these

We have recently received this email which purports to come from “cbits.co.uk” it does not! This type of spoofed email is becoming increasingly common in our inboxes, we obviously know we haven’t sent it but clearly should you receive a similar email you could easily believe it was from us. Do not be tempted to […]

Website FTP Locking

  It has become necessary to put an additional layer of security into our hosted websites, because we have had a couple of instances of sites being “Hi-jacked” (One would you believe on Christmas day – have these people got nothing better to do with their lives?) What this means is that in order to […]

Broadband Upgrades Mon 23rd November 2009

A number of our cbits.net users are due to be upgraded on Monday 23rd November. We do not have control over exactly when this will happen as the actual switching is done by BT. In many cases we will handle any changes to settings from our end, however for some users it may be necessary […]