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Email problem for cbits.net  users  23rd Sept 2015

Email problem for cbits.net users 23rd Sept 2015

We have a problem on the registration of cbits.net domain that means that the domain and associated email services are currently down We are not able to resolve this until our registrars get into work and as they are on Eastern Time this will be around two o'clock (BST)  today so we hope to be […]

Scary Spam (not) from Amazon !

Scary Spam (not) from Amazon !

Today we have had a whole batch of “Amazon” emails with zip file attachments, oh so convincing (at first glance) and, oh so easy to activate with an un-thinking mouseclick. This email arrived in between me emailing a complaint to an Amazon seller that the product they sent (& for my daughters birthday!), was not […]

Warning about emails pretending to come from us

  We have recently had some emails stating that they are from cbits/ComputerBits now we know we didn’t send them, but if YOU received such an email would you spot it? See article on cbits.net blog