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Windows 10's email app: Our views

Windows 10’s email app: Our views

The release date for Windows 10 is getting closer and closer by the day and even now, the majority of the larger bugs have been squashed by Microsoft. One thing we just can't understand is the lack of features in some of the new 'Metro' or 'Modern' apps. For instance, take a look at the […]

Three ? ..in touch??  .. I should coco!

Three ? ..in touch?? .. I should coco!

We use three.co.uk on our phones and tablets for two main reasons; They give “all you can eat data” They have the best broadband coverage in rural areas of any provider, (any fool can have coverage in the cities or you can find a nearby wi-fi) These are two massive pro’s – unfortunately the list […]

Worst Product 2009 – Our Nomination

Replacement Battery Chargers have become an increasingly important product range for us over the last few years, manufacturers exercise great ingenuity in their constant ability to make the charger for their product different, either by voltage/AmpageĀ  AC/DC or plug/Socket from that for any other product Laptop Computers have been amongst the top tier of these […]