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fake flash - Our Recommendations

fake flash – Our Recommendations

If you read around the items here you will get a reasonable handle on the problem, we wrote about it here: http://www.cbits.co.uk/ourblog/news/fake-flash-player-update-virus-routers-tp-link/ In essence Malware based on Conduit Search infects a machine, this is then able to alter the search settings in certain routers, on TP-Link (TD-W8901, being common- It’s a huge seller so lots […]

Fake Flash Player Update Virus & Routers (TP-Link) Update 6/3/14

Fake Flash Player Update Virus & Routers (TP-Link) Update 6/3/14

(Updated 6/3/14 am) This malware seems to be being delivered as a "Update to Flash Player", which we now think is changing settings in Routers so that ALL DEVICES on the local network are routing to conduit.com servers, we have seen routers where we set server addresses yesterday, and this morning the router DNS changed […]

Funkwerk Does Not Work

Recently we had a customer who needed to move office and downsize. The requirement was to provide email and telephone services for three users at a location adjacent to the proprietors home, previously they had occupied an industrial unit with tens of users. The costs of removing or replacing their telephone system alone would run […]