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fake flash - Our Recommendations

fake flash – Our Recommendations

If you read around the items here you will get a reasonable handle on the problem, we wrote about it here: http://www.cbits.co.uk/ourblog/news/fake-flash-player-update-virus-routers-tp-link/ In essence Malware based on Conduit Search infects a machine, this is then able to alter the search settings in certain routers, on TP-Link (TD-W8901, being common- It’s a huge seller so lots […]

Cryptolocker  (or how Outlaws rule and Sheriffs are absent)

Cryptolocker (or how Outlaws rule and Sheriffs are absent)

What to do if you see this screen on you computer ! Disconnect Power from the Computer IMMEDIATELY If it’s mains pull the plug, if its a laptop hold down the power until it shuts off Disconnect from the internet (simply unplug your router from Phone line and power) Shut down any other PC’s (including […]

I’m Phoning you on behalf of Microsoft

“Good morning I am calling from Green IT we have been advised by Microsoft that your computer might have a virus”, goodness a virus on my PC ?? “Are you able to go to your PC now and I can talk you through sorting it out” (Fancy Microsoft being concerned about helping little old me […]